Runglide Anti-Chafe Balm (45g)


Protect your skin against rubbing, chaffing and irritation, with the Runglide Anti-Chafe Balm which is easy to apply for relieve that lasts all day.

Product Description

The Anti-Chafe Balm is an easy to apply, comforting balm, that can be used on any area of skin that is prone to chafing or blistering. The balm is incredibly versatile and can be used to protect irritation from skin rubbing skin, or for use against the rubbing of footwear, for orthotics, clothing, sports, swimwear, braces, gear, prosthesis, compression wear, wetsuits, etc.

How to Use
Apply to areas that are prone to chafing or blistering. Do not use on broken or damaged skin. Do not use run glide on chafing or blisters that have already formed.
After activity wash off with mild soap or shower Gel. Do not sorted above 30-degrees-C.

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Octyldodecanol, Beewax, Vanilla Fragrance.