Men’s Brooks Zeal Walker


Soft and secure for reliable comfort – the Zeal Walker features a new outsole with enhanced traction and reconfigured midsole to provide a softer – more stable ride.

Product Description

The BROOKS Zeal Walker (men) is a versatile walking shoe from the American running shoe specialist. It is the successor to the Adrenaline Walker, which has been popular for years. Not only has it got a new name, its structure has also been revised. With a new midsole, it brings a mixture of comfort, stability and cushioning that is very successful for a walking shoe.

BioMoGo DNA midsole
The heart of the BROOKS Zeal Walker (men) is the BioMoGo DNA midsole. It is also used in BROOKS running shoes. This promises good cushioning, which also adjusts itself adaptively. You can feel the comfort on firm and soft ground. Stability is not neglected either, because the sole has a secure base that offers a lot of sure-footedness. So even easy hiking tours are not a challenge. But for the low and high mountain ranges, you should have a real hiking shoe.

Comfortable leather upper
The BROOKS Zeal Walker (men) keeps your feet safe and secure with its leather upper. Your feet are not restricted, but comfortably enclosed. If you need even more support, you can simply use the upper eyelets for the heel or marathon lacing.

The leather makes the Zeal Walker (men) robust. In the toe area it is even doubled. Thanks to the simple and rather reserved black color scheme, the BROOKS Zeal Walker (men) is also ideal for everyday wear.

Outsole for grip and traction
For the Zeal Walker (men), BROOKS relies on an outsole that increases slip resistance. Green rubber is used for this. It is thinner than conventional outsole rubber, but offers better properties, especially in difficult conditions, with the same abrasion resistance. He rightly carries the green in his name, the main component of the rubber is not petroleum, but silica, which is more sustainable. The Zeal Walker (men) masters asphalt, gravel, park and forest paths with ease.

The BROOKS Zeal Walker (men) is a comfortable walking shoe that seamlessly builds on the successes of the Adrenaline Walker with its stability and versatility. It also plays to its strengths when hiking and in everyday life, making it a companion for many situations.


  • High level of comfort
  • Lacing
  • Soft tread
  • Profiled outsole
  • Upper material: leather
  • Cushioning BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Weight: 340g