Men’s 1000 Mile Cross Sport



Product Description

1000 Mile Cross Sport Men’s Sock is a single layer sock, perfect for running general training, netball and racket sports. The 100% Tactel® yarns which not only help to keep your feet cool but dry as well also wicks moisture away from the foot to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature whilst the inner liner of the sock helps prevent blisters and maintain dryness and comfort of foot.

The addition of a padding areas to the heel provide for additional support and to help protect the Achilles. The warmth provided by the padding keeps the tendon supple, increasing the blood flow, reducing swelling and aiding recovery.



  • Full padded achiles tendon protection – helps to the sock a real cushioned feel and helps to prevent injury.
  • Single Layer construction – eliminates friction between the foot and the shoe, reducing wear and preventing blisters.
  • Tactel inner layer – wicks away perspiration to keep the feet dry and cool
  • Outer Layer – 57% Nylon, 41% Tactel, 2% Spandex
  • Inner layer – 100% tactel
  • Extra padding for toe, ball and heel zones.