Foot Type

To find out what running foot type you have, you just need to do the simple wet foot test.

You will need

  • A bowl of water
  • A dark piece of paper (a brown envelope is ideal)
  • Your feet!

What to do

1. Dip the sole of your foot into the water, shake off any excess

  1. Press your foot onto the paper/envelope as if you were walking over it
  2. Match the imprint left behind to the symbols used below to find out what type of runner you are.

High Arch

If you’re a neutral runner or an underpronator, your footprint will leave a thin band or gap between your forefoot and heel on the outside of your foot.

If you’re a neutral runner, you’ll have an efficient running gait and you’re likely to have a normal arch. If you’re an underpronator, your foot doesn’t pronate (roll inwards) enough during the gait cycle. You’re likely to have a high, rigid arch.

Both of these types require a cushioned shoe which won’t hinder the natural pronation of the foot.

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Medium/Low Arch

You’re a mild to moderate overpronator, your footprint will leave around half of the footprint on the outside of your foot.

This means the arch will collapse through the gait cycle and the foot will roll inwards excessively. 60-80% of all runners overpronate, so don’t worry if you are an overpronator – this is normal!

Support shoes are characterised by additional support features on the inside of the shoe.

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Flat Foot

You’re a severe overpronator. This means the arch of your foot will collapse through the gait cycle and the foot will roll inwards severely.

If you’re this type of runner, you’re likely to have a flat arch. Only 10% of runners need this type of shoe. Motion control shoes are particularly suited to heavier runners who need more support and cushioning.

Motion control shoes are characterised by built in support on the inside of the shoe and tend to have wide soles for additional stability.

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