Mark’s Blog (Summer Races 2016)

After a tough day at the European Half Marathon Championships in Amsterdam where I disappointingly failed to finish I felt I needed something a bit shorter to get me back on track. I was in good shape leading into Amsterdam so I knew I could use that over the next few months.

I did a few speedier track sessions to sharpen up. I have found I have to work on my form a lot more now in sessions to try get out of the marathon style running. I focus on glutes and leg lift and try to drive my arms more and I feel this helps.

I threw myself into the ‘Morton Games’ 3k. I finished with a 8.09 which I was relatively pleased about seeing I hadn’t raced track much since moving up to the marathon.

I then traveled to Kildare for the ‘Le Cheile’ Meet and raced another 3k there, this time getting a win in 8.16.

‘Novartis 5k’ was up next and I went down there to break my own record which stands at 14.34 set in 2012. I missed it by 13 seconds but pleased to be feeling myself again and represent John Buckley Sports.

I hope to try get another track race in before the season is out. Not quite the Summer I had hoped for but getting a taste for the track again has made me feel I am not done with it yet.